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So what've y'all been up to?

tonight wickie is just chillin with a rootbeer float
A&W float? or a make your own?
My in-laws came over this afternoon, kids and their SO's too. I grilled a bunch of meats, and we feasted. Afterward we played corn hole in the back yard, then darts & ping pong in the shop. Then my son and I snuck off to my office where we proceeded to have a little jam session with my guitars & bass. That last part was a fucking blast. He told me he hasn't been playing his electric lately (really nice Gibson Les Paul with a Bigsby tremolo) because he's afraid of wearing off the signature on the pick guard (It's signed by Dweezil Zappa). So I gave him my old Ampeg Super Stud take home & play. 

This guitar. Everything but the strings are gold plated, lol.
[Image: lHoCkF4.jpg]

He was like Eek3 Bowdown Love

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