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Nice to see that Spawne is still retarded as fuck
Spawne32 Wrote:We installed the plugin when I was admin because we were worried that CM was going to attempt to kidnap or rape Pengu at the time that whole e-romance was going on and getting real cringeworthy. At the same time we found out that JCC and crew were planning on staging what he though was some big revolt against the authoritarian government of NN. So I just banned him. I told everyone we had the ability to read PM's, and it was in the disclaimer and terms of service of the forum that we reserved the right to review PM's for illegal activities should it be deemed necessary. Dutch never got over it apparently, even though he employs the same exact scripts on his forum and on that stupid ass EX forum they made. Laugh


Spawne32 Wrote:Not trying to convince myself, or certainly not you of anything. You hated my choice of mods because I shot you down when you wanted to be a mod, and you were already banned prior to that happening and BD was the one who convinced me to let you back. Laugh I don't need to justify what I did to a bunch of sociopaths. You always claimed it was about nudes because BD was the fuckin creeper of the whole group, christ you went after him more then me over white knighting women. Laugh It never had anything to do with nudes, if you wanted to see nudes all you had to do was go on the chats where half the women on the board showed tits every night. It started with CM and Pengu and it ended with finding out that you guys planned to try to convince everyone to leave to go to EX. Then it progressed into me finding out that BD was responsible for EX all together because he was mad that the forum database got corrupted. Laugh You can make up whatever story you want for that whole thing, youve been doing it since it started. I could not care in the slightest.


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Nice to see that Spawne is still retarded as fuck - by Jimmycrackcorn - 08-29-2017, 05:47 PM

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